What problem are we solving?

I work for companies which participate in the Income Statement Economy TM. For management teams that still believe in positive cash flow, and profit, and earnings per share. Manufacturers and industrials and food businesses and services firms and whatnot. If you run a company like this, I can help. If you run a Balance Sheet Economy TM company, where you are focused on building engagement or asset value or some other newfangled metric which is not profit, I don’t know how to help you.

If you are looking for a consultant in a sharp suit, and battalion of analysts who will descend on your business, tie up your team with data requests, spin you back slides with metrics you don’t recognize and charts you pretend to understand, but don’t really understand, and so on… I’m not your guy. PS there is a time and place for this type of strategy work. It’s just not how I work.

If on the other hand you are pining for common sense, and logic, and getting to the heart of the matter, as Don Henley likes to say, then I’m your guy. Plain English, not buzzwords. Straightforward business math, linked to your P&L. A no-nonsense strategy you can actually explain in less than 2 minutes. Clever branding you will be proud of and customers will gravitate to.

We’ll figure out what you really need to do, and make a very specific plan to do that. Or we’ll figure what you’re really trying to say, and just say it, in a way that resonates. Or both.

Mark Healy is an experienced strategist, marketer and facilitator. His clients include global brands, governments, and smaller private sector firms. He is known for his ability to frame a problem with precision, to bring people and teams together quickly, and to deliver a plan of action that is practical.


Begin with problem and process definition. Move quickly to strategic framing and scoping. Full-blown/ research-backed process. Deliver real insight and analysis.

Branding & Marketing

Brand strategy, positioning and identity. Marketing strategy and go-to-market planning. Agency and talent management by an agency alum who speaks their language.


Strategy and group meeting facilitation. Single-day/ multi-day structured workshops. No boilerplate approaches. Hard driving and engaging. Outcomes you can action quickly.

“It’s the fundamentals. It’s never the complex stuff that will trip you up,

or that a client has backwards. It’s always the fundamentals.”

– Mark Healy –


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Problems Mark is working on

Current engagements

Full-Blown Strategic Planning for a Large Manufacturer

What Is The Problem?

A picture could be painted of a sunset business in a rustbelt industry, where the CEO and many on the Executive Team of this $400M+ business are retiring in the next three years. On the other hand, growth has been phenomenal and transformation of the product line to be market-ready for the green economy is possible. The market sees the firm as a sitting duck. So lots of pressure on strategic planning. Mark was called in to re-frame the annual 4-stage process, and focus the strategy on M&A, growth and succession planning.

What Is The Approach?

Mark started the process with workshops with the CEO and a few Board members, followed by tough conversations with ExCo members. A process redesign followed, with a series of deliberate 2- and 3-day facilitations planned to work through a Possibilities -> Focused Opportunities -> Investment Cases -> Big Bet Decisions sequence, with SWOT/ PEST/ competitor scans, brand fundamentals, and financial analysis exercises incorporated throughout. Financial analysis focuses on modeling the impact of decisions on earnings per share over a five year period.

What Are The Outcomes?

After years of talk and inaction, acquisition targets were identified, refined and letters of intent on two are out. A much more focused, leaner plan for 2021 is in place, with talent and technology transformation projects green lit and investments/ returns planned and modeled out for 2022-2025. A new Purpose has been articulated, laddering down to a clear five year Vision with plain English objectives and ambitious financial targets in place. Succession planning under a new CHRO is underway. The ExCo has a clear mandate, the CEO is energized, and Board has confidence in the direction and the prospective returns for shareholders. The new process will now be refined again and executed annually.

Go-To-Market Strategy for an Early-Stage Tech Company

What Is The Problem?

The company was recently purchased by a private equity player and injected with capital in advance of a second financing round and ultimately an IPO. The newly hired CEO was looking for a data-backed and much more focused product-market-fit strategy, and a compelling narrative for prospective investors.

What Is The Approach?

Mark held discovery and framing calls with the CEO, founders and board members. This phase was followed by market research, sizing and segmenting the market space, and evaluating competitor positions and white space. The meat of the assignment was a 2-day facilitation with all the key players, laser-focused on prioritizing target markets/ required product spec and organization changes/ crafting the revenue potential narrative and investor-ready pitch. The process will conclude with a polished report-back and marketing recommendations.

What Are The Outcomes?

The website and marketing materials have already been completely overhauled, to reflect the selected markers/ customer segments, and the overall tone and tenor of the completive positioning selected. The management team has been structured and hired based on decisions made in the facilitation, and engineering changes are now planned for version 2.0. A successful second round of financing preceded a solid IPO, leveraging the narrative and pitch.

Rebranding for Retail Franchise Business

What Is The Problem?

The owner of this well-established, global franchise business was worried the brand was stale and losing relevance with consumers. Mark was given the assignment of assessing the state of the brand, and ultimately of rebranding the business.

What Is The Approach?

We started with a robust consumer research phase – ethnography, customer intercepts and a consumer survey. Country-level and spot store-level performance analysis was crossed with brand-related analysis from the consumer research. A new brand platform was to contemporize both the menu and overall look-and-feel, a brief was written and a creative agency was hired to bring it all to life.

What Are The Outcomes?

A much more contemporary approach to product formulation and presentation has already been implemented, and reflected on menus. The brand is being reinvented by the creative agency, and will include new logo/ identity, digital and marketing collateral assets.

About Mark and MHC Group

Tough Questions. Smart Insights.

Mark Healy has been described by clients and colleagues over the years as ‘very smart’, ‘wound up pretty tight’, ‘having rare, transformational vision’, ‘a bit cocky’, ‘a passionate leader’, ‘a true strategist’, ‘an aggressive dresser’, ‘craving structure’, ‘polished’, ‘a BlackBerry and LinkedIn aficionado (in an unkind way)’, ‘a gritty guy’, and ‘someone who can size up a situation and help quickly’. You take the good with the bad.

A Toronto professional services and marketing veteran, Mark has held positions as a CMO, Partner at a Management Consultancy, Head of Strategic Planning at an Agency, and Founder of a Marketing Services Consultancy. In addition to his current work with MHC, Mark is the Brand & Marketing Advisor at The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, and owns a high growth local food business – Dennis’ Horseradish – headquartered in Norfolk County Ontario.

He founded MHC Group to bring together the best expertise available in service of his clients’ business problems. Members of the Group are connected and networked in the Canadian business community, and frequently media contributors and guest speakers. MHC Group is supported by juniors and specialized agencies and consultants.

Mark relies on his decades of experience to assemble the right team for each client engagement that he takes on.

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