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Professional marketing.

Creative, advertising and promotions often masquerade as marketing. At best funny or clever or engaging – and at worst trite or cliché or overdone – but most often random. Lacking context. Lacking vision. Lacking a strategy to ladder up to. Lacking purpose. And lacking a meaningful connection to the customer.

Marketing, fundamentally, is still about understanding and influencing human behaviour.

The role of marketing is to set the table for sustained revenue success. If customers are not buying/ engaging (or not buying/ engaging enough, or frequently enough, etc.), then by definition marketing’s objective is to get customers to do something they are not currently doing – to get customers to change their behaviour. Understanding people and being obsessed with the human condition is central to good marketing.

Effective marketing always happens in four iterative phases. Phase 1: Listen, Phase 2: Create, Phase 3: Communicate, Phase 4: Measure. The first two phases are often overlooked or housed somewhere away from marketing, the third phase is normally over-thought, and the fourth phase is rarely connected to business results.

Professional marketing fixatedly accounts for human behaviour, and deliberately designs and deploys the four phases, wrapping it all with tried-and-true fundamentals. Start with business strategy and the brand. Worry about segmentation. Carefully plan the marketing mix. Execute calmly, with great care and precision. Hope for the best but course-correct early and often, paying attention to the numbers and the reactions of people you trust.

Professional marketing is not difficult, it is hard.

It requires a commitment to do things properly. It requires discipline. It requires a plan. And it usually requires help. We can help.